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Companies List – Shroom Investor 🍄

Company Name Ticker US Ticker Market Cap
Aion Therapeutic
Algernon Pharmaceuticals
AREV Life Sciences Global
Atai Life Sciences N.V
Avenir Wellness Solutions
Better Plant Sciences
BetterLife Pharma
Blackhawk Growth
Braxia Scientific
Bright Minds Biosciences
Canbud Distribution
Captiva Verde Land
Captiva Verde Wellness
Clean Power Capital
COMPASS Pathways plc
Core One Labs
Creso Pharma
Cyntar Ventures
Cypher Metaverse
EGF Theramed Health
Empower Clinics
Entheon Biomedical
Field Trip Health
GHP Noetic Science-Psychedelic Pharma
Global Trac Solutions
Gnomestar Craft
Graph Blockchain
Happy Belly Food Group
HAVN Life Sciences
Hinterland Metals
Hollister Biosciences
IntelGenx Technologies
Koios Beverage
Lobe Sciences
Mind Cure Health
Mind Medicine (MindMed)
Mountain Valley MD
Mydecine Innovations Group
Naturally Splendid
NeonMind Biosciences
New Wave
Numinus Wellness
Nutritional High International
Optimi Health
Primo Nutraceuticals
Psyence Group
Pure Extracts Technologies
Red Light Holland
Revive Therapeutics
Right Season Investments
Silo Pharma
Thoughtful Brands
Vert Infrastructure
Wesana Health
Wuhan General Group (China)
Yukoterre Resources