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Atlas One Granted Digital Securities License – Shroom Investor ๐Ÿ„

VANCOUVER, BC, Jan. 4, 2021 – Atlas One Digital Securities Inc. (Atlas One) is pleased to announce that it has been granted registration as an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) under the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) Regulatory Sandbox in conjunction with the British Columbia Securities Commission’s (BCSC) Fintech & Innovation Team, with permission to issue digital securities using blockchain technology.

“We are excited to establish Atlas One as a leading digital securities firm in Canada” says Atlas One’s CEO George Nast. “We have a vision to disrupt the private capital markets, and our EMD registration is an integral piece of that.”

Atlas One’s registration is an important milestone for the evolution of digital securities in Canada. Atlas One plans to launch its platform shortly, which will allow the firm and its clients to better leverage the benefits of technology in private capital markets.

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“With the planned launch of our business in the coming month, we will demonstrate the value we can bring to issuers and investors in raising capital and providing unique investment opportunities in digital securities” says Atlas One’s COO Dean Sutton.

The CSA Sandbox is an initiative of the CSA to support fintech businesses seeking to offer innovative products, services and applications in Canada, and allows firms to pioneer innovative ideas while tailoring unique regulatory requirements.

Atlas One’s investment platform is available to certain eligible investors at www.atlasone.ca.

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