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Koios Beverage Corp

Koios Provides FQ2 2020 Summary Including Improved Financials and Updates Regarding New Developments

Koios is delighted to report positive updates regarding its financial performance in its FQ2 2020, in which it saw revenue growth of 48.7%, a 46.84% increase in gross margin, and reductions in several expense categories. The Company also provides a summary of developments made in FQ2 2020, including the new announcement of an all-natural ... Read More...

Koios’ Fit Soda Functional Beverage Line to be Distributed by Wisconsin DSD Firm Bill’s Distributing

Following the July 2019 launch of Koios' Fit Soda™ line of functional beverages for physical well-being, the Company has entered into a distributor agreement with Wisconsin DSD firm Bill's Distributing to distribute all four Fit Soda™ flavours. Bill's Distributing represents more than 1,500 SKUs of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages ac... Read More...

Koios Expands Product Offerings Through Distribution Partner Muscle Foods, a Sports Nutrition and Health Products Distributor with More Than 4,000 Accounts

Boasting six warehouse facilities across the United States and a robust supply chain that can distribute to all of the contiguous states of the United States within one to two business days, Muscle Foods is a major national wholesaler and distributor of sports nutrition and health products. In 2015 and 2016, Koios had worked with Muscle F... Read More...

Koios Provides Fiscal Q1 2020 Corporate Update and an Expanded Retail Footprint, Among Other Notable Developments

Following a productive FQ4 2019, Koios is pleased to report positive developments in FQ1 2020, with highlights that include the availability of the Fit Soda™ line of functional beverages on the shelves of more than 500 retail stores, an expansion of the Company's SKUs for offerings through GNC stores, and enhancements to the Koios product... Read More...

Koios to Complete Development of CBD-Enhanced Functional Beverage Line: Test Batch Production to Begin on Friday, July 19, 2019

Following the Company's September 4, 2018 announcement of plans to release a functional beverage infused with CBD, Koios has resumed development with test batch production set to begin tomorrow. The CBD cannabinoid will be added to Koios' "Fit SodaTM" line of functional beverages, as a method of enhancing the beverage's effects. The Compa... Read More...