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Roadman Investments Welcomes New Director Alexzander Samuelsson – Shroom Investor 🍄

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 30, 2019 — Roadman Investments Corp. (LITT.V) (FWB:1QD) (“Roadman Investments” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce, effective September 30, 2019, the appointment of Mr. Alexzander Samuelsson as a Director of the Company.

Alexzander Samuelsson is successful entrepreneur with a background in chemistry focusing his efforts on the medical and recreational cannabis industry. Alexzander has held multiple positions as a Lab and Research assistant and during his cannabis industry career, and he has consulted with licensed cultivators on regulatory applications and other special projects. As the Lead Chemist of Nextleaf Solutions, Alexzander developed intellectual property and patented methods in the extraction of cannabis oil.

Currently Alexzander is Chief Scientific Officer of Melabis, a company that streamlines the supply, demand & consumption chain of medical marijuana, leveraging big data from surveys, labs, academic sources and communities. Alexzander, through his company Development Catalyst, provides consulting and education in emerging industries including cannabis, plant medicine, and mycological sectors with an international focus. Mr. Samuelsson earned his Chemistry Degree from Ryerson University where he was elected to represent over 10,000 part time students as a senator, went on to become the president of the chemistry course union, and helped with a variety of campaigns supporting social progress.

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Director and CEO Luke Montaine commented: “We are very excited to have Alexzander join the Board of Directors of the company. His expertise will be extremely helpful for our Advisory Services work with Altmed and when conducting due diligence of other drug discovery and biotech firms pursuing the development of medicines utilizing psychedelic compounds.”

About Roadman Investments
Roadman Investments is a Canadian Venture Capital and Advisory Firm that strives to actively drive innovation and accelerate growth within its portfolio holdings in order to realize alpha returns for its shareholders. Roadman invests capital into companies that offer breakthrough products, devices, treatments and health supplements.

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