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Roadman Advisory Client Champignon Brands Announces Official E-Commerce Store Launch – Shroom Investor 🍄

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 25, 2019 — Roadman Investments Corp. (LITT.V)(1QD.F)(OTC:RMANF) (“Roadman Investments” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce Champignon Brands Inc. (“Champignon”) successful online store launch following a 3-week pilot in the province of British Columbia. The e-commerce store is now offering a selection of medicinal mushroom and tea products.

Champignon is currently taking pre-orders for its flagship “Brain Enhance”, “Nourish Force”, “Mighty Re-charge” medicinal mushroom organic teas. The e-commerce store also carries a selection of tea accessories including tea pots, mugs and t-shirts.

Roadman’s advisory team has been working closely with the company to optimize the site and has been instrumental in establishing:

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  • Store design

  • Product Sourcing

  • Site Speed and SEO optimization

  • Shipment distribution and tracking

  • Checkout Conversion Optimization

  • GEO IP recognition and Currency Conversion

Vitality Superteas store can be accessed here: https://vitalitysuperteas.com

Additionally, Champignon has begun advanced discussions with Canadian big box food retailers, as well as prominent wholesalers regarding brick and mortar distribution of its proprietary mushroom-infused tea formulations. Champignon forecasts it will achieve shelf-space for its inaugural SKUs in the third quarter of 2019. The company is working towards establishing a physical pop-up store in a Toronto Coffee shop in the coming months.

Luke Montaine, Chief Executive Officer of Roadman Investments: “We excited that under our guidance and advisory Champignon Brand’s inc. has been able to launch their new digital flagship store on schedule.  Consumers are becoming more digitally engaged and this store will allow the company to sell its products globally and accelerate momentum on their strategy.

Roadman Investments is encouraged about the growth in this space and is actively looking to deploy capital into promising and high growth companies. The company’s Health and Wellness committee is currently evaluating complimentary investments within the medicinal mushroom sector.

About Champignon Brands
Champignon Brands Inc. is a Canadian based company whose mission is to help people achieve their health and wellness goals. Our team is dedicated to promoting the cultivation and proliferation of high-quality medicinal mushrooms and health supplements. We believe that we can enhance the health of millions of people through organic growing practises, commercial cultivation, research and development.

About Vitality Superteas
Vitality Superteas is revolutionizing conventional tea by adding medicinal mushrooms that have been proven to enhance life and health for thousands of years. Our delicious organic teas help people maximize their well-being one cup at a time.

About Roadman Investments
Roadman Investments Inc. is engaged in the business of incubating and working with start up entities in with a view to generate capital and generate returns for its shareholders via the tactical deployment of capital across the resource, agricultural, financial services, technology and health and wellness verticals.

For further information, please contact:

Media Contact:
Nikolai Vassev
+1 (778) 772-1751

Learn more about Roadman by visiting our website at: https://roadmancorp.com/  

Learn more about Champignon Brands by visiting their website at: https://champignonbrands.com/

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