Lin Classon and Jisun Hahn join collaborative commerce firm

TORONTO, Feb. 23, 2021 – Kognitiv Corporation, a global leader in the rapidly expanding market for collaborative commerce, continues to make senior strategic hires across its Client and Product teams with the announcement of Jisun Hahn as SVP, Global Head of Industry Solutions and Lin Classon as SVP, Platform Strategies effective immediately.

Working collaboratively, Jisun Hahn and Lin Classon will be responsible for ensuring that emerging trends, like zero-party data and direct-to-consumer, as well the critical business requirements of Kognitiv’s clients are being proactively assimilated into the growing capabilities of Kognitiv’s Platform-as-a-Service and Managed Loyalty Services offering.

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“Our vision for collaborative commerce is fueled by a belief that the next era of commerce will be driven by organizations’ ability to trade and exchange between peers in a safe and secure network. That is a profound evolution from traditional ad-supported models and those relying on 3rd-Party aggregators. To do this effectively, our Client teams and our Product teams must be seamlessly integrated. That’s the only way to ensure we’re building what our clients need to succeed today but also in the future,” said Kognitiv President Shawn Pearson. “Jisun’s recent experience at Flexiti a Canadian fintech company and Lin’s experience at Google make them the perfect combination of expertise and experience to ensure our product road map is future-proofed for our client’s needs and reflects our aspiration to bring collaborative commerce to the market at scale.”

Jisun Hahn as SVP, Global Head of Industry Solutions (CNW Group/Kognitiv)

“Kognitiv is taking on some of the most pressing, and difficult issues facing businesses today – How to create new and novel value for their most important customers at the critical moments of the customer journey.” says Jisun “As consumers expectations rise, organizations unable to do that will inevitably fall behind.” Lin echoes, “Platform-based models enable interactions and generate opportunities for all the organizations participating in them. A robust roadmap is critical to ensure that the full benefits of the network effects can be realized. I couldn’t be more excited to partner with Jisun and embody the kind of value-creating collaboration that we’re putting at the centre of how we work and what we are building.”

Lin Classon as SVP, Platform Strategies effective immediately. (CNW Group/Kognitiv)

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