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Innovative Tennant Decorative Stone Slurry™ System by Tennant Coatings Elevates Epoxy Flooring with Groundbreaking Functional Benefits and New Luxury Look – Shroom Investor 🍄

CHICAGO, Jan. 11, 2021 — Tennant Coatings, Inc., industry-leading manufacturer of commercial, institutional and industrial coating systems for concrete floors has launched the innovative new Tennant Decorative Stone SlurryTM System. This epoxy flooring advancement features a unique luxury aesthetic with stunning color saturation and striking optical depth, furnishing design professionals with a nearly unlimited new palette for shaping the ambiance and character of interior spaces. Accompanying the striking visual appeal are numerous functional benefits. Compared to traditional decorative resin floors, installation of the Tennant Decorative Stone Slurry TM System is impressively quick–the rapid turnaround reduces downtime, enabling facilities’ day-to-day operations to resume faster than ever. The outstanding sanitary advantages start with a groundbreaking, easy-install cove base feature that integrates seamlessly into the floor surface. This quick-to-apply option helps minimize joints, seams and ninety-degree angles to enhance cleanability and pathogen control, while Tennant Coatings’ high performance resins ensure optimal chemical and abrasion resistance. In addition, minor surface damage, if it were to occur, can be repaired with virtually undetectable results.

Tennant Coatings, as a division of Tennant Company, the globally renowned floor cleaning equipment manufacturer, is at the forefront of flooring knowledge, expertise and experience. Tennant offers facilities the most complete range of solutions to meet nearly every flooring need. With the new Tennant Decorative Stone SlurryTM System, the company is again proving its leadership in the resinous floor coating industry. The Tennant Coatings brand now encompasses low-emissions, LEEDv4-certified epoxy and urethane systems, as well as vinyl ester coatings and cutting-edge concrete polishing products.

“The new Tennant Decorative Stone SlurryTM System takes epoxy flooring aesthetics, performance and installation to a new level and has received accolades from our authorized contractor network,” said Don Andrews, VP of Tennant Coatings. “Our experienced installers recognize the competitive advantages offered by the system, in terms of faster floor and cove installation, outstanding performance and “invisible” repairs. We’re excited to see this innovative solution installed in pharmaceutical and education facilities, among others, in the coming months.”

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