BOULDER, Colo., Feb. 10, 2021 — Scaled Agile, Inc., provider of SAFe®, the world’s leading framework for business agility, today announced an update to SAFe® 5. The evolving Scaled Agile Framework expands upon the significant advances in strategy, execution, technical and leadership competencies needed for an organization to deliver innovative business solutions faster than the competition.

“The digital world is changing at an ever-increasing pace and Scaled Agile is committed to the evolution of the framework to help organizations achieve business agility,” said Dean Leffingwell, SAI co-founder and chief methodologist. “Relentless improvement is central to this mission: it helps us improve SAFe based on experiences from our customers and partners.”

Business agility requires everyone involved in delivering solutions—business and technology leaders, development, IT operations, legal, marketing, finance, support, compliance, security, and others—use Lean and Agile practices. SAFe 5 provides extended guidance on how to extend the Lean-Agile mindset into those business areas. SAFe 5 also helps organizations master advancing DevSecOps practices which increase the frequency and quality of product releases.

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Key Highlights of SAFe® 5 update:

  • An enhanced Big Picture better emphasizes flow and continuous delivery

  • Operational and development value streams patterns support organizing around value, the #1 request from our customers

  • Applying SAFe to hardware development accelerates the delivery of cyber-physical systems

  • New guidance around DevSecOps technical skills and tools better power the continuous delivery pipeline

  • Broader guidance for applying Lean-Agile practices to business domains supports business agility

  • Integrated participatory budgeting fosters a dynamic and collaborative process of allocating funding to value streams

  • Patterns and behaviors for designing teams and ARTs simplifies organizing around value

Incremental updates to SAFe 5 will ensure it stays current with new and evolving business and technology trends. These updates will often include new articles as well as changes to existing articles, updates to courses, toolkits, and other community platform assets, and from time-to-time updates to the Big Picture.

The SAFe 5 website is available at Learn more about this latest set of SAFe 5 updates here.

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Scaled Agile, Inc., is the provider of SAFe®, the world’s leading framework for business agility. Through learning and certification, a global partner network, and a growing community of over 700,000 trained professionals, Scaled Agile helps enterprises build agility into their culture so they can quickly identify and deliver customer value, capitalize on emerging opportunities, and improve business outcomes. Scaled Agile is a contributing member of the Pledge 1% corporate philanthropy and community service movement. Learn more at


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