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Marketing, Advertising and Investor Relations – Shroom Investor 🍄

Marketing, Advertising, and Investor Relations

Our parent company, Upside Makers, offers advertising and marketing services for publicly traded companies. Leverage our unique approach by advertising on a website that is used by thousands of investors every day to track the sector using our proprietary watch list and investing tools.

Over the last years, our team has worked with dozens of public companies. We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled services for our clients.

You have a vision. We have a way to get you there.

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Our Services

Reaching investors and targeting the right audience with favorable content is extremely crucial to the success of your business.
We can help you to establish an online presence and build a long-term shareholders base.

Sponsored newsletter

A mention in our weekly newsletters sent to all of our subscribers. Your company will also appear in the notifications e-mails sent to our members who have activated the watch list alerts.

Website advertising

Reach thousands of cannabis investors who are using our website every day to track stocks all across the sector. Participation in a rotational banner containing a link to a presentation of your company displayed on top of each page. Sizes and displays vary by plan.

Investor Dashboard

High-quality dedicated page for your company with optimal placement on our website. We use your investor's deck to share your story through favorable content. We cover everything, from the assets to the management team, along with forward-looking analysis.

Sponsored post

Drive extra awareness to your company with a sponsored post. We will write an original article with favorable content about your company and its products and brands, business outlook, and upside potential. All sponsored posts receive additional attention via our social feeds and optimal placement across our website to maximize your reach.

Digital Ads Campaign

To enhance your reach, we recommend an advertising campaign. Your sponsored article is guaranteed to receive significant traffic from paid ads, driving up clicks to your company. This the most efficient strategy to create liquidity by increasing your daily trading volume. Take advantage of our Google Certified Advertising Experts with 15+ years of experience in the digital ads industry.

Detailed reporting

Get to know exactly where your advertising budget is spent. All of our clients gets a detailed reporting on how their campaign is performing. The reports include the total views statistics, social media reach, most popular content, and much more.

Social Media Marketing Services

No campaign is complete without a solid social media strategy.
Leverage our established online visibility to get your story heard by investors.

Social media advertising
  • Build an online presence

    Get your company known by sharing your story to our 10,000+ followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

  • Brand Awareness

    Share your news and Press Releases with thousands of followers as soon as they are published. Each week, we will tweet some part of your Investor Deck to get your company known.

  • Stock Performance Report

    Make sure investors see when your stock is green! We highlight your company's performance in our popular daily and weekly recaps.

  • Communication

    We showcase your company to the right audience and we offer an online reputation management service when required.

  • Dedicated Team

    Our partners from the cannabis investors community are helping us build support around your company.

  Learn more about what we can do for your company.

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A success story from day one.

Within only one month of being launched, WeedStreet420 instantly became one of the leading resources in the cannabis industry. Weedstreet420 has been an active part of the cannabis investment community for many years and has earned the reputation of a trusted source of cannabis investment. Every day thousands of investors use our proprietary investment tools to track their investments. The future of finance lies at the intersection of fintech and this is what sets us apart.

1M views per month on Twitter

@WeedStreet420 is one of the most popular Twitter accounts in the cannabis sector. Our followers range from retail investors to hedge fund managers and journalists. The account has been tweeting news since January 2017, making it one of the top reference for cannabis investing. We also have other well known social media accounts in the same niche and beyond.

Get your story heard

Let's team up together to help you suceed.

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WeedStreet420 is a subsidiary of Upside Makers, a Canadian Corporation

Our team


CEO & Founder, Quant Engineer


Software Engineer, Google Ads Certified Partner


VP Business Development & Marketing

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